Introduction to the hospital facilities

Sleep Lab (inside Ward H)

Sleep Lab (inside Ward H)
Sleep Lab (inside Ward H)
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The Sleep Lab consists of sleep laboratories and test data monitoring rooms. Doctors and laboratory technicians approved by the Japan Society of Sleep Research conduct tests and diagnosis. The rooms are hermetically sealed to shut out external sound. They help patients get restful sleep, and doctors and technicians gain accurate data. New Ward A

History and origin

In 1988, the Sleep Lab was set up by the recommendation of the present Director, Dr. Kuroda, in its present location, at the time when the construction of Ward D was completed. The lab in the basement of Ward H.

Additional information

There is only a handful of facilities that have a sleep lab in the Kansai region. We have one that is approved by the Society of Sleep Research. The hospitalís director is a specialist in the field who has written many treatises and commentaries and has given many lectures. He also appears frequently on TV shows, including the news and informational programs.

Future development

A lot of patients come to the Lab from afar and the waiting time for appointments are long. To deliver hope, specific measures are currently being studied for a Sleep Disorder Treatment Center, which will have several sleep labs.