Introduction to the hospital facilities

Psychology Room

Psychology Room
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Ward H Out-patient Department has four psychology rooms where patients receive psychological counseling. The section is comprised of qualified psychologists. New Ward A

Available equipment

Various psychological testing equipment, miniature gardens and figurines for implementing toy therapy.

Specific medical care and treatments

Psychological tests
The patient's condition and personality tendencies are clarified using various psychological tests so that information which could support treatment can be provided. Where necessary, the results of the tests are provided as feedback, and support to deepen self understanding is also given by talking about the problem with the patient. The services provided are for patients in various conditions from young to old.
Psychological counseling
The patient is asked to talk freely so that they can sort out the various problems and concerns they face.
Both psychological tests and psychological counseling are provided as one of the roles of the healthcare team and cannot be provided on a single basis.