Introduction to the hospital facilities

Anzu-no Sato Group Home

Anzu-no Sato Group Home
In the facilities of the 3-story building with a floor space of 266.37sqm, the Director, Service Manager, Life Support staff and caretakers are stationed.


Anzu-no Sato was established as a community life care facility under the Law for Independence of Persons with Disabilities for people with mental illnesses. With the motto, "accept one another, take it easy and be oneself", counseling and everyday life support are provided to residents to enable them to live independent lives.

History and origin

The care home started up as a place to admit people who were forced to stay in hospital on a long-term basis, and a warm atmosphere has been created in a cooperative reciprocal relationship.

Additional information

2006 when the Law for Independence of Persons with Disabilities came into effect, the care home was newly built as the forerunner.