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Community Healthcare Enterprise Office (inside Ward F)

Community Healthcare Enterprise Office (inside Ward F)
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The office is comprised of mental health counselors, nurses and clerical staff. New Ward A


- Take appointments for consultation from medical institutions such as health clinics and hospitals.

- Make in-house adjustments after taking appointments.

- Write a report after consultation.

- Collect the data of referred patients.

- Send out the community public relations magazine.

- Implement outreach programs for relevant institutions.

History and origin

Seizing the occasion of receiving evaluation for the hospital's function, in September 2005, the Community Healthcare Enterprise Office was set up as the first of its kind in the field of psychiatry in Osaka for the purpose of forging extensive healthcare partnership in the community.
Since then, the number of cooperating medical institutions in Osaka and its vicinities has grown to 330 and the referral rate has grown to 65% (results as of 2006).


We promptly respond to requests by patients, their families and local medical institutions.
We actively cooperate with psychiatric emergency and emergency measure admissions.