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Comprehensive guide to outpatient consultations

Comprehensive guide to outpatient consultations

Description about the general consultations provided at Hannan Hospital including enquiries for general outpatient consultations (Department of Psychosomatic Medicine, Department of Psychiatry) and appointments for specialist outpatient consultations.

Flow of outpatient consultation

Description about the flow for both initial and consequent consultations.

Diagnosis and Treatment Department

Diagnosis and Treatment Department

Description about the Department of Psychosomatic Medicine, the Department of Psychiatry and the Department of Dentistry.

Specialist Outpatient Consultations

Outpatient Sleep Disorders

If you experience problems related to sleep such as sleeplessness, intense drowsiness during the day, sleeplessness due to restless legs, etc., we recommend that you consult the Outpatient Sleep Disorders Department.

Outpatient Paediatric Psychiatry

Psychiatric care is provided to children under the age of 15 to deal with such problems as school-phobia, headaches and stomachaches unrelated to physical disorders, and behavioural idiosyncrasies.

Outpatient Women

All female doctors and nurses provide help to women who have symptoms or problems which they feel embarrassed to consult with a male doctor.

Home Visit

For those who have difficulty with visiting the hospital, a psychiatrist will make a home visit to provide medical care.

Outpatient Oral-pharynx Psychosomatic Disease

Medical care and support are provided to those who have problems which they find difficult to consult with an ordinary dentist such as dryness of the mouth and bad or problematic occlusion.