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The concept of privacy policy

Many of the services available on the Hannan Hospital website can be accessed by visitors to without the disclosure of personal information such as name, email address, home address, telephone number or age. However, some services require personal information to access. In such a case, we will respect the privacy of the user and take the utmost care to protect personal information.

Collection of personal information
Personal information of the user may be collected through our website to the extent necessary to provide better services or distribute reference materials to the user. When such information is collected, it will be used only for its intended purpose. The extent of personal information to be collected will not exceed the necessary limit to achieve the purpose of collection. Moreover, information will be collected by legitimate and fair means.
Management and protection of personal information

Our personal information manager will appropriately manage all personal information collected and strive to prevent information from leaking to external sources. We will implement safety measures on an appropriate and rational level against illegal access, loss, destruction and alteration by external sources to protect the user's personal information.

Access to the database related to personal information on our website is limited to those who have access rights and we will strictly manage it to prevent it from being inappropriately used by hospital staff.

Use of personal information

The use of personal information collected on our website will be limited to the necessary extent to achieve the purpose of collection, and information that may be of interest to the user may be sent to the user by email or other means. Should the user wishes not to receive such information, transmission of such information will be stopped if the user contacts us through the website or the site management contractor.

Provision of personal information
Personal information of the website user will not be disclosed or provided to a third party without the consent of the user. However, when it is required by law to disclose information, or when disclosure is requested by the court of law, the law enforcement or an official body, such personal information may be disclosed or provided without the consent of the user.
Disclosure and correction of personal information

When a request is made by the user to disclose their own personal information, such information will be disclosed to the user without delay unless doing so will seriously hinder the operation of the website or may put an individual's life, body or assets at risk.

When a request is made by the user to correct or delete their personal information, the matter will be investigated without delay. In such a case, if there is cause for correction or deletion, such correction or deletion will be made without delay.

With regards to the handling of personal information, the abovementioned matters will be reviewed and improved accordingly.
We take enquiries concerning personal information by email or through the email form on our website.