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Guide to Inpatient Care Guide of hospitalization

Inpatient Care

At Hannan Hospital, we give top priority to patients and have an excellent environment for treatment in place. The procedures necessary for receiving inpatient care by the will of the patient or by the wish of their family are explained below.
Guide to Inpatient Care

Inpatient Treatment

This section explains about the system used for inpatient treatment by the Hospital from hospitalization to discharge.


Visits by family members and friends have a therapeutic effect on patients. This section provides information and caution about hospital visits.

Medical & Welfare Consultaotin Unit

The Medical & Welfare Consultaotin Unit provides consultation about various aspects related to treatments and inpatient care such as expenses, functioning in society and family life.
This section explains about the role of the Medical & Welfare Consultaotin Unit, including the procedures for hospitalization for medical care and custody.

Aftercare for patients released from hospital

This section provides details about the various facilities and care available for rehabilitation, day-care and social rehabilitation of patients after release from hospital.