The following are questions frequently asked when patients are preparing to visit the Hospital or after they have visited the Hospital.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Although we do not provide answers directly, we will make the answers available on our website once they are organized.
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questions How do I get there? (Train/Car)
Answer Please refer to the directions to our Hospital provided in detail on our website. The site map for the website can be viewed by clicking the sign on the top part of the Top Page.
questions I want to be admitted.
Answer Specialist staff in the Medical & Welfare Consultation Unit in the Outpatient Hall will provide counseling. They will ask questions about your conditions and make arrangements for admission. Please ask by calling or by coming to the Hospital. Please also refer to the details including contact details under the subject "Guide to Hospitalization" on the site map. The site map for the website can be viewed by clicking the sign on the top part of the Top Page.
questions Can I be seen right away?
Answer Please refer to the explanations about the procedures under the subject "Guide to Receiving Consultation" on the site map of your website. You can also enquire the Medical & Welfare Consultation Unit.
questions How will you treat me?
Answer Treatments for psychiatric disorders are highly individual and providing a general theory may create great misunderstandings. Please call or visit the Medical & Welfare Consultation Unit in the Outpatient Hall so that specialist staff can ask about your conditions and make the necessary arrangements. Please also refer to "Guide to Hospitalization" in the site map on our website as it gives detailed information about counseling and contact details.
questions How much will it cost until I am well?
Answer The treatment and duration of hospital stay differ significantly according to the illness and conditions of individual patients. Therefore, we cannot provide a general figure for the treatment cost. Please consult the specialist staff in the Medical and Welfare Consultation Unit, as the approval for health insurance payment limit and approval for standard co-pay limit are available to patients.
questions How long will it take for the treatment?
Answer The duration of treatment significantly differ by individual patients. We cannot give you a general answer.
questions I would like to be seen by a female doctor.
Answer We are unable to meet your request due to how our Hospital works. However, we do have the Outpatient Women on Tuesday from 13:00 to 15:00 for first-time patients who have a problem which they find difficult to consult with a male doctor. Please make an appointment with the Outpatient Reception for consultation.

* All the staff including the doctors, nurses, psychologists and psychiatric social workers in Outpatient Women are females.

questions What sort of people are in the Mental Care Unit? Can I also get counseling in the Metal Care Unit?
Answer Since the opening of the Mental Care Unit, majority of inpatients have been those suffering from emotional disorders such as neurosis, depression and depressive illnesses. Although doctors use counseling-like approach in treatment, it is provided purely as part of the treatment. Since there are clinical psychologists (2 full-time, 2 part-time) in the Hospital, if necessary, psychological counseling using psychological tests can be incorporated into the treatment by the discretion of the attending doctor. Please refer to the guide to the Mental Care Unit on our website for details.
questions I want to be examined for sleep disorder, but do I need to stay overnight for tests?
Answer The treatment of sleep disorder starts from having a proper understanding of the condition and collecting data. Therefore, tests require an overnight stay. However, we believe it will be easy to make arrangements for the tests, since you will be admitted to hospital after work to receive the tests while sleeping, and will be able to return to work the next day.
questions Don't you have an internal medicine department?
Answer We have 1 full-time doctor and 6 part-time doctors. They are purely for treating medical problems of inpatients including complications and they do not provide treatment for general patients with medical problems.
questions What should I bring to consultation?

Please be sure to bring your health insurance certificate.

If you have a referral letter from another hospital, please be sure to bring it.

You will require your seal and security deposit if you are coming to hospital for a pre-arranged hospitalization
(a separate explanation will be given about the security deposit system).

questions What items will I need for hospitalization?

You will need the minimum amount of clothing, underwear, sleepwear, toiletries and footwear.

Other details will be given to you when you are making arrangements for hospitalization or at the time of hospitalization by the unit you are admitted into.

questions What is the rough duration from hospitalization to release?
Answer Please note that the duration of hospital stay and treatment differ by the individual according to the purpose of hospitalization, the patient's condition, and the type of hospitalization.
In general, a patient will go through tests such as chest X-ray, brain CT scan, ECG, electroencephalogram, and psychological tests at the time of hospitalization before psychiatric therapy or drug therapy is provided.
Once the patient's condition is stabilized, they are allowed to go out or stay out overnight. If the patient's condition does not change but is stabilized, the time of release will be decided by consulting with the patient and their family.
questions Where do I get my medications?
Answer From April 2006, we have given prescriptions to patients so that they can obtain their medication outside the hospital. You can obtain your medication from a drugstore that has a public health pharmacy or public health dispenser sign.
questions How long do I need to take my medication?
Answer There are many patients who stop medication when their symptoms subside. If a patient is taking medication prescribed by the Hospital, we would not advise the patient to stop medication even if their symptoms become less or they feel better. The doctor prescribes medication according to the "treatment measures" he/she has formulated. Not taking medication against the instructions by the doctor will interfere with the treatment measures and the doctor will not be able to determine if the prescribed medication is working. The result will be prolonged treatment and the patient will suffer as the doctor makes a misjudgment. It is important to keep taking medication as instructed.
questions Why does Hannan Hospital puts effort into its garden and flowers?

Since the opening of our Hospital, we have been asking ourselves how we can secure a natural and tranquil treatment environment while improving the facilities of the Hospital. We decided that one of the answers was "flowers and greenery", which was also strongly advocated by our founder, Dr. Yoshio Gotoda (former Chairman).

Our decision was due to our belief that the garden is a significant foundation for direct treatment we can provide as a medical institution to patients who are unfortunately suffering from mental illnesses, and also that the enjoyment of flowers has an effect on humans as a living being to give strength to their existence.

Many psychiatric hospitals are upgrading their facilities and the necessity to build a better treatment environment is now widely recognized as the next step. It is our intention to make efforts toward improvements to provide flowers and greenery in abundance with the wish for our stance to be viewed as one of the exceptional models and our enthusiasm towards seeking a new style of psychiatric hospitals.