Introduction to the hospital facilities

Department of Dentistry (inside Ward H)

Department of Dentistry (inside Ward H)
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The main function of the Department of Dentistry is to provide dental treatment to inpatients, but it also has the function to provide treatment to general outpatient. It aims to become the dentist loved and trusted by many people in the community.

Available Equipment

3 treatment units, panoramic X-ray imaging machine, electric scalpels and Myo-monitors.


The department was set up in 1972 to maintain patient health, which serves as the foundation of psychiatric treatment.

Additional information

In addition to general dentistry, outpatient psychosomatic dentistry and outpatient dentistry for Sleep Apnea Disorder maximizing the features of a psychiatric hospital, preventative dentistry, which is the lifework of dentists, and treatment of bad occlusion are also provided. Recently, orthodontic treatment and disphagia treatment have also become available.

* The Director, Dr. Tadahiro Kawamura met great response when he was interviewed in Asahi Weekly's article entitled "Treatment techniques recommended by great dentists".