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Ward E

Ward E Ward E
Ward E Ward E
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Guide to Ward E

E1 Emergency Psychiatry Unit (EPU) (44 beds)
The ward has been operating as the Emergency Psychiatric Admission Ward since March 1, 2018. It primarily accepts patients who exhibit emergency psychiatric conditions in Osaka and it functions as a place where a wide variety of medical professionals such as doctors and psychiatric social workers work in tandem to rehabilitate patients into society as soon as possible.
E2 Subacute Unit
The Unit provides psychotherapy and occupational therapy, with a focus on drug therapy, to improve symptoms. Treatment programs include informal discussions, community support programs, and pre-hospital-discharge home visits to help patients rehabilitate back to the community.
E3 Mental Care Unit (Psychiatry Acute Treatment Unit) (35 beds)
All the rooms are private to provide a peaceful space where patients with stress-related disorders and depression can relax in full privacy. The attending physician, nurses, and clinical psychologists work together to provide therapy and support for realigning the patientsí rhythm of life and boosting their natural ability to heal by helping them achieve self-realization. We also accept patients for overnight sleep studies.