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Medical & Welfare Consultation Unit (inside Ward A)

Medical & Welfare Consultation Unit (inside Ward A)
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The Unit has specialist staff who are qualified mental health counselors. New Ward A

Functions and specific care activities

Becoming ill may cause financial and work problems and various concerns and issues in life, such as childcare, nursing, and schooling. The Medical & Welfare Consultation Unit is a specialist organization for welfare for helping patients and their families solve their problems in life such as concerns that arise by becoming ill, life issues, and rehabilitation into the workplace and family, by thinking together with them to find the solution.

History and origin

The unit was set up in 1992 as the Healthcare Consultation Office.

Specific tasks

It is our wish that patients focus on their treatment with a peace of mind. PSWs (professional qualification) deal with individual consultations. It is our duty to observe confidentiality so do not be afraid to seek counsel.
* will deal with your concerns as quickly as possible. If you are concerned about any of the following issues, please feel free to ask us.

- Want to see a neurologist or a psychiatrist, but feel anxious as to how to go about it.

- A member of the family may have dementia, but do not know who to consult.

- A child has withdrawn into his/her room and has not spoken to anyone in days.

- Suffering from stress or sleeplessness due to family, work or school.

- Want to receive medical care, but concerned about the costs.

- Not very sure how social insurance (health insurance, pension, employment insurance) or the welfare system work.

- Want to find out about the social rehabilitation facilities, the types of rehabilitation and how to use them.

Request for consultation

Please direct your request to the following:
Medical Corporation Kyouwakai, Hannan Hospital, Medical & Welfare Consultation Unit, 277, Handa Minamino-cho, Naka-ku, Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture.

Tel: 072-278-3768 / 072-2778-0381 (Switchboard)