Introduction to the hospital facilities

Ward C

Ward C Ward C
Ward C Ward C
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Guide to Ward C

C1 Emergency Psychiatric Unit (EPU) (48 beds)
Ward C1 is where treatment for emergency care is actively provided. Appropriate medical attention that is safe and dependable is provided to patients who urgently require hospitalization for emergency measures or medical protection.
Treatments focusing on psychotherapy and drug therapy are provided. Treatment programs include psychoeducation on medication, family sessions, dependency programs, and pre-hospital-discharge home visits, as patients aim to leave the hospital within three months of admission.
C2 Subacute Ward (60 beds)
The ward is for patients with acute or chronic conditions whose symptoms have calmed down and require observation. Many of the patients are hospitalized for long periods and emphasis is placed on activities for participation in society.
The Unit provides psychotherapy and occupational therapy, with a focus on drug therapy. It also runs support programs, informal discussions, pre-hospital-discharge home visits, and recreational activities to help patients rehabilitate back to the community.