Introduction to the hospital facilities

Kiosk Tulip (inside Ward F)

Kiosk Tulip
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Floor space: 37.15sqm. 2-3 staff. New Ward A


The kiosk on the 1st floor in Ward F carries a wide range of items from food to clothing.
It is open from 9 to 5 on weekdays and from 10 to 3 on Sunday and holidays.

History and origin

Tulip started in 1982 as a kiosk run by the corporation. In 1999, it opened under the name Tulip in the present location in Ward A. It grew steadily for its reputation for convenience. However, from the viewpoint of improving the services offered to patients including the selection of goods, in April 2006, the running of the shop was consigned to Shidax, a company which specializes in operating kiosks inside establishments. It has taken its current form after a large-scale renovation.

Additional information

The current number of customers per day is approximately 350 (as of April 2007).