Introduction to the hospital facilities

Ward D

Ward D Ward D
Ward D Ward D
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Guide to Ward D

D1 Paediatric Psychiatry Unit (30 beds)
Children’s consultations are increasing despite the declining birth rate in an increasingly complex society. We have been actively treating children’s mental disorders with our Pediatric Psychiatry Outpatient department. The ward for primary and junior high school children deals with issues including obsessive-compulsive disorder, eating disorders, pervasive development disorder, and truancy. Enough support in education is also given as there is a satellite classroom of Habikino Shien School within the hospital.
D2 Psychiatry Acute Treatment Unit (60 beds)
Intensive treatment and nursing care are provided to patients with acute symptoms using drug therapy, psychotherapy, and occupational therapy. As well as striving to reduce patients’ anxiety of pathological episodes, the ward gives support to families through programs and family classes, including psychoeducation.
Ward D3 Geriatric Psychiatry Unit (60 beds)
The Unit provides home visit support from an early stage through drug and occupational therapies to treat seniors’ psychiatric disorders in striving to maintain their residual functions.