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Ward G (Rehabilitation Center)

Ward G Ward G
Ward G Ward G
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Floor space: 1,234.61sqm., Part 2 stories. New Ward A

Departments in the Ward

Rehabilitation Department.

Functions and specific nursing activities

Occupational therapy (OT). Daycare capacity of 50 patients x 2 units.
Occupational therapy
Although occupational therapy is mainly provided to inpatients, it is also available to outpatients.
As well as providing individual occupational therapy, club activities (gardening, cookery, sports, etc.), ward activities and community life transition support programs are also provided.
Two units are divided into one for younger patients and one for elderly patients, and efforts are made to provide an environment that suits individual purposes. Various programs such as fitness management, job support, art and sports are implemented with the ongoing consideration of many staff.

History and origin

Hannan Hospital has recognized the need for OT and daycare from an early stage and both services were made available in 1985. Since then, we have continued to made efforts to improve the services and the facilities. In 1999, extension work was carried out to place OT and daycare on the same floor. We have devised ways so that we can provide organizationally consistent and coherent services in an efficient manner.


The Rehabilitation Center Unit has been praised for its clever design and concept of sophisticatedly incorporating light and aiming to facilitate natural human interactions and personal freedom, and in 2005, was mentioned in the Nisshin Kyozufu-shu as one of the top 4 rehabilitation facilities [af1]in Japan.