Introduction to the hospital facilities

Ward G (Rehabilitation Center)

Ward G Ward G
Ward G Ward G
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Floor space: 1,234.61sqm., Part 2 stories.

Departments in the Ward

Ward H1 (53 beds) MPU (Medical Psychiatric Unit)
The ward has 51 beds and treatments for psychiatric patients with medical disorders are provided.
Treatment rooms, PICU (3), vacuum (4), terminal care (2)
Wards H2 & H3 (60 beds each) EPU (Emergency Psychiatric Unit)
Wards where emergency medical care is actively provided. Card keys and emergency calls are provided as priority is given to the patients’ safety and peace of mind. Attention is also given to the rotation of staff.
There are also facilities for patients such as a roof garden, gymnasium and garden for the sole use of patients.
For details, visit the website of the Ward H.