November 1st, 2010 The new Ward H opens

MPU- Medical Psychiatric Unit

MPU- Medical Psychiatric UnitMPU is a unit with 53 beds where psychiatric patients with complications such as medical disorders are treated. It contains treatment rooms, PICU (3), vacuum chamber (4) and terminal care rooms (2), and doctors and medical staff provide treatment and care with careful consideration to the Quality of Life (QOL) of patients.

EPU ? Emergency Psychiatric Unit

EPU ? Emergency Psychiatric Unit The Unit actively deals with emergency medical treatment, which is one of the challenges of psychiatry, and has two units and 120 beds. With a 2,000 square meter floor area, it contains facilities such as a roof garden, gymnasium and garden for the sole use of patients, and reassuring and compassionate treatment and care are provided to patients with active psychiatric conditions.

Pharmacy / testing / radiology

Pharmacy / testing / radiology The pharmacy, testing rooms and radiology rooms, which have the foundational function and operate simultaneously with the MPU and EPU as well as the entire wards of the hospital, are centralized. For this reason, preparations have been made by providing cutting edge functions and equipment such as clean benches, automated testing equipment, endoscopy rooms, MPI and multi CT.