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Healthcare Outcomes About the medical treatment outcome

The number of patients consulted by the Department of Psychiatry

The number of outpatients per month seen by the Dept. of Psychiatry (excluding Dept. of Internal Medicine and Day Care). In 2016, the average number was 5582 with an average of 227.1 per day.

Changes in the Percentage of Referrals and Reverse-referrals

Shows the ratio of referrals from other medical institutions and the ratio of referrals to other medical institutions from Hannan Hospital against the overall ratio of patients.

Changes in the Number of Patients Admitted and Released

The number of hospital admission per year was 2522 with an average 210.2 per month, and the number of hospital discharge was 2540 with an average of 211.7 per month.

Changes in the Average Number of Patients Admitted

These are the average inpatient numbers and bed occupancy ratio per month. The average inpatient number was 631.3 and the average bed occupancy ratio was 91.5%.

Changes in the Number of Outpatients

The average number of outpatients per day in the departments of Psychiatry and Psychosomatic Medicine (excluding Dept. of Internal Medicine Day Care).

Changes in the Number of Days Spent in Hospital

The average number of hospital stays of hospitalized patients. The average in 2016 was 91.0 days, which were significantly shorter than the national average (300 days)

Status of Inpatients According to Illness

Status is shown according to the types of psychiatric illness and disorder.

Evening & Out-of-office-hours Treatment

Hannan Hospital accepts 60% of psychiatric emergency outpatients and more than 90% of psychiatric emergency measures hospitalizations for the Sakai region as a hospital for emergency measures hospitalization.

Local Healthcare Enterprise Unit Dental surgery

Local Healthcare Enterprise Unit

Emergency and acute care is promptly given in cooperation with local clinics and general hospitals.