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Public Relations Magazine 'Hikari, Kaze, Midori'

We publish a public relations magazine for the community on a bimonthly basis. It is published as a medium that links us with the people in related organizations and the community who provide us support. The activities of the Hospital and news are regularly delivered in an easy to understand manner to the people in the community and those in the medical profession. It is published with our hope to use it as a communication tool that links us with our supporters.
Kaze, Hikari, Midori
Kaze, Hikari, Midori
The name of the magazine comes from our concept that represents our treatment environment, which is bathed in sunlight where the breeze flows and is surrounded by greenery. It is also stated firmly in our basic policy that we provide a safe and pleasant treatment environment that is filled with light, air and greenery.


We publish a public relations magazine for the community. If you are in the medical care or welfare profession, please send your enquiries to the following address. We will send you a magazine upon request. The magazine is not intended for sale to the general public.
Enquiries  Community Healthcare Enterprise Office, Hannan Hospital, Medical Corporation Anwa-kai, 277, Handa Minamino-cho, Naka-ku, Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture 599-8263